NC Operational Modes

Roanoke Rapids and Gaston Power Stations

Our Roanoke Rapids and Gaston power stations operate cooperatively and in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Kerr Dam. The USACE operates the Kerr reservoir according to its Rule Curve. In using the rule curve, the Kerr provides us with a weekly volume of water (weekly declaration) to be released from the three dams to the lower Roanoke River.

We are required by our FERC operating license to maintain license-prescribed lake levels and certain downstream flows from the Roanoke Rapids Dam.

The Roanoke Rapids Dam always operates with a continuous release (minimum flow) from the dam to the lower Roanoke River. The Gaston Dam operates in an on/off mode. The operating modes described below will affect the total flow released from Gaston, but except in the case of high flood flows, it will operate in an on/off manner.

The Roanoke Rapids and Gaston power stations have four distinct modes of operation, as described below. Modes are dictated by river conditions or season.