Creating Brighter Futures for Kids

In today’s schools, it’s a well-known fact that just about every assignment requires a computer. But for Taerion, a 7th grader who hopes to one day become a veterinarian, the lack of a computer at home makes that work much easier assigned than done.


That’s why Dominion Energy partnered with ForKids—an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness for families and kids in the Norfolk area—to provide funds and resources for kids like Taerion. ForKids is a recent recipient of a Dominion Energy Critical Community Needs grant. This is the third year that the company has given more than $1 million in Critical Community Needs through its charitable arm, the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation.


“Experiencing homelessness when they’re very young—it impacts their entire educational progress,” says CEO, Thaler McCormick, of the children whom ForKids seeks to support. With access to educational resources as simple as books and computers, McCormick asserts, each child’s chances of graduating high school and succeeding in life become that much greater.


“Education is my foundation, and enriching kids is what I live for,” says Cedric Garrett, ForKids Education Advocate, of the important work ForKids does in Norfolk.


With the grant provided by Dominion Energy, ForKids will be able to expand its inventory of educational technology and equipment for two new education centers, thereby giving even greater resources to local children in need.


“Thank you, Dominion Energy, for helping us in school,” Taerion concludes.