A Letter from a Lineman's Daughter

Letter to Lineman Dad

John Seal recently awoke to find a surprise from his 5-year-old daughter -- a letter she had written thanking him for his service as a lineman. For a school project, his little girl, Makenzie, was asked to write a letter thanking any serviceman. Her teacher suggested a police officer or a firefighter.

“I’ve always instilled in my daughter that it’s important to remember the sacrifices linemen make, too,” John explains. So Makenzie decided to address her letter to her dad, who served as a Dominion Energy lineman for 10 years. Recently promoted, John is now a contractor resource coordinator in Gloucester, Virginia. About his daughter’s letter, he says, “There are no words to express it. It’s a great feeling.”

Makenzie’s letter:

“I’m writing my thank you to my daddy. My dad works for Dominion Energy. When we have bad storms or a lot of snow and we lose power, my dad leaves my mom and I to help others get their power back. I want to thank my daddy and all the other linemen who leave their families to keep our power on to stay warm! I love you daddy.”

A letter to a Lineman