Special Delivery

Not many can boast of 40 years’ worth of devotion to Meals on Wheels like coordinator and volunteer, Bettie Jo Roland.


“I just felt like it was a mission that God wanted me to continue to do as long as he gives me breath in my body, and allows me to drive and meet nice folks,” says Roland of her lifelong commitment to the program. Meals on Wheels is a recent recipient of a Dominion Energy Critical Community Needs grant. This is the third year that the company has given more than $1 million in Critical Community Needs through its charitable arm, the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation.


Roland’s efforts have evidently had a meaningful impact on the Chesapeake, VA community. Grateful recipients like Alice Profitt adore the program and the people it allows her to meet.


“It just takes a load off my brain, to not have to worry about when to eat, or what to eat,” says Profitt.


With people as inspiring as Roland hard at work, it was the least Dominion Energy could do to provide grant money to Meals on Wheels to keep them going.


“Thank you, all of you, Dominion Energy employees,” says Roland in reference to the donation. “You give of your time, your talents, your knowledge, and resources to help encourage a strong and healthy community.”