Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future, Cleaner Environment

At Dominion Energy, we’re committed to a more sustainable energy future. We believe in using cleaner energy sources to produce safe, reliable and affordable energy.

We are dedicated to protecting the environment, and work daily to minimize our environmental footprint, protect natural resources and improve the communities we share. Please see our Environmental Policy Statement.


Cleaner air, cleaner water

Power stations fueled by clean, natural gas now generate more than 40 percent of the energy for our customers. Maintaining water quality is also important to our environmental stewardship efforts. We are leading the way on coal ash pond closures, safely treating and discharging water to meet all quality standards.

Wings at work

Protecting wildlife and habitats

Protecting the ecosystem around our facilities is an integral part of our commitment to the environment. Avian protection areas help protect native birds such as bald eagles and peregrine falcons. The Wings at Work program helps to foster a suitable habitat for butterflies, bees and birds.


Onshore wind

Wind and solar initiatives

Dominion Energy continues to evaluate wind energy projects in Virginia. The company solicited bids in the Fall of 2017 for new solar and onshore wind facilities 10 to 150 megawatts (ac) in size.

In addition, the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project could eventually bring more than 2,000 megawatts of wind generated electricity to VA and NC customers. A Community Solar Pilot Program also is planned that will allow VA customers to voluntarily purchase energy from solar facilities.


Dedicated to stewardship

Caring for the environment has been a longstanding tradition for our employee volunteers across the country. We've also provided over $27 million since 2013 to support other environmental organizations with the same goal in mind.

Solar generation

Vision and commitment

Our environmental commitment includes programs, services, partnerships and capital spending. Environmental awareness is the responsibility of each employee. It is embedded in our code of ethics and business conduct.

Wind generation

Reducing carbon emissions

Comparing 2016 to 2000, we have reduced the carbon dioxide emissions intensity rate – the average CO2 emissions rate per unit of electric output – of our generating fleet by 43 percent.

2016-2017 Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report

2016-2017 Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report

> View our new report.

We are in a time of change, both in our businesses and the expectations of our stakeholders. A 2017 materiality analysis is helping shape our sustainability strategy by better understanding the issues important to our stakeholders. These issues drive this report's content and organization:

  • Introduction
  • Serving Customers and Communities
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Our Culture
  • Our Business for the Future

Clean Energy Investments: Proven Results & Continuing Commitments

View our new report on the significant progress we have made over the past two decades toward our environmental commitment and how we are continuing that trend.

  • Converting coal units to natural gas and renewable biomass
  • Achieving sustained efficiency improvements at existing power stations
  • Increasing priority on renewable and clean generation
  • Expanding the range of renewable, energy conservation and efficiency and renewable programs for customers
  • Reducing our own environmental footprint
  • Developing industry-leading position in forging clean energy partnerships with large customers
Clean Energy Investments: Proven Results & Continuing Commitments