Automatic Bank Draft

  • No fee.
  • Residential and business customers are eligible.

How do the payments work?

  • Payments are automatically deducted from the account you choose.
  • Choose the most convenient day to make your payment. Change your draft day, if you need to. It's possible to make make same-day payments.
  • There are no fees to participate.

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Can I change my method of payment once enrolled?

  • Change the bank account used for payment up to the day before your scheduled draft day.
  • Suspend your current pending draft and pay via another method, if you need to.

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How do I know when I'm enrolled?

Your bill will indicate the date your first bank draft payment will be deducted. Until then, pay your bill through your normal method.  

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What happens if I move or close my account?

  • Transfer bank drafting to your new account if you move within our service area.
  • If you close your account, your final bill will be drafted and no more drafts will occur.