A Great Value for Our Customers

A Great Value for Our Customers

Dominion Energy Looking to the Future

Dominion Energy Virginia customers enjoy some of the lowest energy rates around – well below the national mid-Atlantic average. Our energy mix hits the sweet spot in terms of cost, environmental performance, and reliability for our customers.

Dominion Energy Rates: Well below others

Region Residential Rates Industrial Rates
D.C. 16.1% lower 44% lower
Maryland 24.4% lower 48.9% lower
Mid-Atlantic 40.9% lower 20.4% lower
National 10.9% lower 21.9% lower

Providing affordable energy to customers

The typical Dominion Energy Virginia residential customer’s monthly bill has only gone up by $10 in the past decade. Even with plans to improve our system, our customers will continue to receive affordable electric rates according to our costs forecasts for the next 15 years. Learn more about how your electric rates are calculated.

A Great Value for Our Customers

Typical monthly bill for Virginia electric customers as of July 2017

Source: Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

Improving reliability and innovation

Modernization of the electric grid is needed to improve our response time to outages. It will also allow more control and information for our customers, greater protection against cyber and physical attacks, and better incorporation of solar facilities big and small.

Investing in a cleaner energy future

We have one of the cleanest energy fleets in the nation and are focused on clean energy investments – including solar, natural gas and nuclear – to lower emission rates while protecting reliability and customer rates. Our typical residential customer’s carbon footprint would shrink by as much as 25 percent in the next eight years under our latest annual energy forecast. Over one-third of our customers’ electric needs could be powered with carbon-free electricity by 2032. See how we’re investing in clean energy such as solar and natural gas.